Current & Recently Completed Construction Projects

Review information related to current District construction projects below. These projects reflect quarterly construction progress reports.
(Last updated March 2022)

Current Projects

Reservoir Management Systems (RMS) Replacements – Phase 3

Project Location: Various Locations

Work for this project will demolish the existing RMS facilities and construct new RMS facilities at the Aliso Hills, Aliso Summit, Bear Brand, Rolling Hills, and Sheep Hills reservoir sites.  The new RMS facilities will consist of new block buildings, sodium hypochlorite and ammonia storage and metering pumps, reservoir mixing systems, sampling stations, safety eyewashes/showers, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation, and controls.

Construction documents for the Reservoir Management Systems Replacement – Phase 3 project were prepared by Tetra Tech, Inc.  MWH is providing construction management and inspection services.

Project Details:

  • Contract Award – 03/16/2021
  • Construction Amount – $6,645,971
  • Percentage Constructed – 80%
  • Estimated Completion – December 2022

Notes: Construction continues at all reservoir sites. Construction of new mechanical components taking place at Rancho, and Aliso Hills Reservoir sites.

Upper Salada Lift Station Auxiliary Generator Replacement

Project Location: Laguna Niguel

Work for this project includes constructing new retaining walls and fencing along the westerly and southerly sides of the lift station; on-site asphalt paving; recoating the existing fencing; and installing new rolling gate for site access. Additionally, a new diesel engine driven emergency generator will be installed along with a fuel system capable of fueling the generator for a 24-hour period to replace the existing natural-gas standby generator.

Construction documents for the project were prepared by Psomas.

Project Details:

  • Contract Award – 05/13/2021
  • Construction Contract – $931,665
  • Percentage Constructed – 95%
  • Estimated Completion – December 2022

Notes: All site improvement work is complete, including new side and front rolling gate installation.  Estimated delivery of new generator is December of 2022.

Saddleback Auxiliary Pump and Engine Replacement, and Portable Generator Connection

Project Location: Mission Viejo

Work for this project includes replacing the existing auxiliary pump and engine with a new diesel engine-driven vertical turbine pump.  The project also includes associated fuel piping, fuel storage tanks, ventilation, electrical, controls, appurtenances, portable generator connection, and building modifications.

Construction documents for the project were prepared by Lee & Ro, Inc.

Project Details:

  • Contract Award – 10/12/2020
  • Construction Contract – $1,069,895
  • Percentage Constructed – 80%
  • Estimated Completion – September 2022

Notes: Majority of construction complete.  Awaiting delivery of (2) 16-inch valves. Installation of valves, start-up, and testing remains.

Potable Water Steel Reservoir Seismic Retrofits

Project Location: Various Locations

The scope of work for this project includes:

  • Construction of concrete ring-wall foundation extensions at two reservoirs.
  • Reconfiguration of inlet and outlet piping at 13 reservoirs to include flexible couplings.
  • Reconfiguration of reservoir drain piping at 5 reservoirs to include flexible couplings.
  • Installation of 31 isolation valves.
  • Installation of 2 flush-type cleanout reservoir doors.
  • Installation of 12 new reservoir penetrations.
  • Reservoir cleaning and disinfection services.

Construction documents for this project were prepared by Lee & Ro, Inc.

Project Details:

  • Contract Award – 12/09/2021
  • Construction Amount – $4,494,001
  • Percentage Constructed – 40%
  • Estimated Completion – December 2023

Notes: To date, four reservoir sites completed.  Currently work at Rancho Reservoir.

Manhole Rehabilitation Program FY 2021-22

Project Location: Various Locations

Project Scope: On-call services agreement to rehabilitate manholes throughout the District.

Project Details:

  • Contract Award – 06/13/2019
  • Construction Amount – $350,000
  • Percentage Constructed – 0%
  • Estimated Completion – June 2022

Notes: Beginning work on Fiscal Year 2022-23 rehabilitations.

Plant 3A Subsidence Mitigation

Project Location: Mission Viejo

Work for this project includes improvement to the site drainage infrastructure; replacing the existing surface pavement; and converting the existing plant water system to recycled water.  District staff also identified the need to also rehabilitate the concrete surfaces of the existing Return Activated Sludge and Waste Activated Sludge pump stations and construct bypassing infrastructure to divert solids to the JB Latham Treatment Plant downstream when necessary.

Construction documents for the project were prepared by Dudek

Project Details:

  • Contract Award – 06/09/2022
  • Construction Contract – $3,860,044
  • Percentage Constructed – 2%
  • Estimated Completion – June 2023

Notes: Construction began mid-July.

Recently Completed Projects

Eastern Transmission Main Access Manways & Valves 

Work for this project includes installation of five new access manways along the pipeline as well as potholing, traffic control and other support required to facilitate the condition assessment, replacement of an existing in-line valve and installation of a blow-off assembly that will help with draining the pipeline prior to the condition assessment. Initial manway construction is complete.

Project Location: Various Locations

Eastern Transmission Main Assessment 

Click here to watch video

Moulton Niguel is utilizing innovative technology to assess the condition of one of the most critical water transmission pipelines in the District. The 60-year-old Eastern Transmission Main is a 5.6-mile-long buried steel pipeline, starting in the City of Laguna Woods and traversing through Cities of Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and San Juan Capistrano. The District is in the process of performing the following types of inspections:

    A robotic crawler is sent through the inside of the pipe and is equipped with an array of electromagnetic sensors that are used to detect areas where the wall of the pipe may have become thinner over time. Similar to an X-ray, the electromagnetic sensors can “see through” the wall of the pipe, meaning they can detect wall loss on the interior and exterior of the pipe without the need for expensive and disruptive excavations. The crawler is also equipped with a high-definition video camera to visually assess the condition of the protective coating inside of the pipe.
  • A free-swimming probe is sent through the inside of the pipe and listens for signs of potential leaks via an ultrasonic signal. The SmartBall inspection is performed in advance of the electromagnetic inspection to help identify areas that may require extra attention during the electromagnetic inspection.

Both inspections provide data to pin-point specific areas within the pipeline that may require maintenance or rehabilitation. This allows the District to prioritize activities to maximize the life of this critical infrastructure and ensure continued reliable service while also minimizing cost. Without this innovative technology, the District would have to rely on addressing leaks and pipe breaks as they occur or replace the entire pipeline. This project is projected to save our customers millions of dollars over the life of the pipeline.

This project includes structural and corrosion repairs, tank operation and safety improvements (including spiral stairways, full perimeter guardrails, and interior fiberglass platform and ladders), installation of a cathodic protection system, and re-coating of the interior and exterior of the reservoir.

Click here to watch the Rancho Reservoir Rehabilitation Video 

Project Location: Laguna Niguel
Estimated Completion: December 2021

Download Construction Progress Report 

This project was developed to implement improvements to the District’s southerly sewers entering the Regional Treatment Plant. The proposed project will significantly improve the District’s southerly gravity sewer system in this area.

Project Location: Laguna Niguel
Estimated Completion: December 2021

Work for this project will relocate the tower to a location within the Moulton Peak Reservoir site that improves access for maintenance activities.

The scope of work includes: the construction of a new tower, concrete support footing, concrete equipment pad, retaining wall, drainage improvements, electrical equipment, and a backup generator. Following construction of the new tower, the existing antennas will be transferred from the old tower to the new tower, and the old tower will be demolished. Due to the specialized nature of the work, the transfer of the antennas will be done under a separate contract as part of a future planned antenna replacement project.

Project Location: Aliso Viejo
Estimated Completion: June 2022

Work for this project includes replacing the existing propane emergency generators with new auxiliary diesel generators at both lift stations.

Project Location: Aliso Creek and Southwing Lift Station
Completed: August 2021

Work for this project includes enhancements at the Regional Lift Station that will improve the operational reliability of this critical facility.

Project Location: Laguna Niguel
Estimated Completion: December 2021

In 2016, a District-wide electrical system assessment was conducted at its pump and lift stations. Based on this assessment, Staff prioritized the recommended electrical upgrades and scheduled the replacement of the appropriate improvements at each station.

Project Location: Various Locations
Estimated completion: August 2021

This project replaced existing potable and recycled pipelines that cross under the I-5 freeway south of Oso Parkway by installing a new 72-inch casing below the freeway via microtunneling. New 20-inch potable water and 30-inch recycled water carrier pipelines, each within secondary casings, were contained within the 72-inch steel casing. Connections were made to existing potable and recycled pipelines on each side of the freeway using conventional pipeline installation methods. The project replaced existing potable and recycled pipelines that cross under the I-5 freeway south of Oso Parkway via microtunneling.

Project Location: Mission Viejo
Project Complete