NatureScape Garden Tour

Our NatureScape Garden Tour has gone virtual this year! Experience a journey to some of South Orange County’s most inspiring NatureScape gardens, featuring watershed-friendly landscape elements, beautiful native plants, interactive educational content, and more!

Meet Your ‘NatureScape Neighbors’

Looking to transform your lawn into a beautiful NatureScape garden? Check out some of our NatureScape gardens that your neighbors have installed!

Let’s Get Started

Learn about the NatureScape Program, native plants, the available rebates and design assistance, and more!

Landscape Transformation Center

Learn more about the different landscape transformation programs, resources, landscape workshops and more with our Landscape Transformation Center.

NatureScape Roadmap

Our roadmap walks you through the steps of the NatureScape program. Apply for the program today, and follow these steps on your NatureScape journey!

Calculate Your Rebate

Visit our interactive rebate calculator, input your project size and the amount of turf you plan to remove, and receive an instant cost estimate for your NatureScape project!