Moulton Niguel Water District is committed to testing, protecting, and delivering high-quality water to our 170,000 customers, and we are pleased to report that the drinking water provided to your homes, schools, and businesses meets or exceeds the standards required by state and federal regulatory agencies.

The annual water quality and consumer confidence reports provide information on the sources of our water supply, information about your drinking water, and water quality results for the previous calendar year.

Click here to view the Water Quality ReportĀ for calendar year 2017

*Revised in June 2018 to include source water information from the Baker Water Treatment Plant.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Water Quality Report for the Calendar Year 2017 can be accessed by clicking here.

Thirsty for More Information?

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department at (949) 831-2500 or and ask to speak with our Water Distribution team.

Check out these great video resources on the State Water Project and the Colorado Aqueduct.

Looking for Past Water Quality Reports?

Previous years’ Water Quality Reports for Moulton Niguel Water District can be accessed below: