Water and Wastewater Rates

Each Moulton Niguel customer is allocated a personalized water budget based on your individualized needs. The rate structure for water service fees has five customer classes: residential, multi-family, commercial, irrigation, and recycled.

This structure is comprised of two components: a fixed monthly service charge and a variable volumetric water consumption charge. The rates for the fixed monthly service charge are established on the basis of the size of the water meter serving a property and are calculated to recover a significant portion of the District’s fixed costs. The rates for the variable volumetric charge are based on the number of units of water delivered to a property and consist of five tiers which result in higher rates as the amount of water consumption increases.

* Classifications are subject to change upon inspection by the District in order to comply with the intent of MNWD’s Rules and Regulations and regulatory mandates

For more information about wastewater rates, please contact our Billing Department at (949) 448-4050.

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The Moulton Niguel Water District approved new rates in December 2017.

Read our Prop 218 notice for detailed information


Residential & Multi-Family Water Rates, Service Charges & Wastewater Service Charges

Residential and multi-family customers are given an indoor and an outdoor water budget based on individual calculations. All water used by a residential or multi-family customer within their calculated water budget is billed at Tier 1 and Tier 2 rates set forth in the tables below.

Your wastewater bill is comprised of two components:

  • A fixed monthly service charge representing the share of the District’s fixed costs associated with providing ongoing wastewater service to your property.
  • A per-person charge representing the share of variable costs associated with providing wastewater service to a household of your size to accurately capture the wastewater treatment cost increases from SOCWA.



Commercial Water Rates, Wastewater Rates & Service Charges

Commercial water budgets are calculated based on a three-year rolling average of each customer’s monthly water use. All water used by a commercial customer within its calculated water budget is billed at the Tier 1 rates noted in the table below.


Commercial Wastewater Service Charges 

MNWD is a member of the South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA), a joint powers authority that operates four regional treatment plants and two ocean outfalls. The District contracts with SOCWA to treat and discharge the District’s wastewater.

The rates for the District’s monthly wastewater service charges are structured to meet the District’s costs to operate and maintain its wastewater collection system, and to pay SOCWA for treating, and disposing of its wastewater. MNWD’s rate structure consists of three customer classes: residential, multi-family, and commercial. Within the commercial customer class there are four subclasses of customers:

  • Commercial Class 1 – Typical users include: banks, car washes, churches, department and retail stores, laundromats, professional offices, schools, and colleges
  • Commercial Class 2 – Typical users include: beauty and barber shops, hospitals, convalescent facilities, repair shops, service stations, and veterinary hospitals
  • Commercial Class 3 – Typical users include: hotels with dining facilities, markets with garbage disposals, mortuaries, and fast-food restaurants
  • Commercial Class 4 – Typical users include: restaurants, auto-steam-cleaning facilities, and bakeries


Irrigation Water Rates & Service Charges

Irrigation water budgets are calculated based on the amount of irrigated area per parcel, evapotranspiration numbers, and a plant factor of 0.70, with the exception of public spaces which are calculated based on a plant factor of 1.0. Irrigation water usage within budget is billed at the Tier 1 rates noted in the table below.


Recycled Water Rates & Service Charges

Recycled water budgets are calculated based on the amount of irrigated area per parcel, evapotranspiration, and a plant factor of 0.80. All recycled water use within budget is billed at the Tier 1 rates noted in the tables below.


Fire Protection Service Charges

For private fire protection services, monthly charges are based on the size of the connection as shown in the table below.


Construction Meter Rates

Commercial customers in need of temporary water supply during construction may contact the District’s Cross Connection Inspector Jesse Calvillo at (949) 607-9461 or at jcalvillo@mnwd.com.

 Below are the rates for potable and recycled water construction services.