NatureScape Turf-to-Native Garden Program

The new and improved, easy way to transform your landscape!

The NatureScape Program is an easy, direct-install program that helps residential customers replace turf with native landscapes that provide multiple benefits.

Get started today!

  • Applicants must attend a Residential Landscape Workshop before applying for the program. Click HERE to register for an upcoming workshop!
  • If you have already attended a Residential Landscape Workshop and are interested in applying for the NatureScape Program, please click HERE!
  • Want to calculate your potential rebate? Click HERE!


  1. Attend a Free Residential Landscape Workshop. Click HERE to register for an upcoming workshop!
  2. Apply for the program. Click HERE to to apply and participate in the NatureScape program.
  3. Pre-Qualification Assessment. Tree of Life Nursery will schedule an appointment and visit your home to confirm you have existing turf and perform an irrigation assessment.
  4. Landscape Design. Jodie Cook creates a customized native plant plan for your landscape.
  5. Turf removal. Tree of Life Nursery coordinates with you to schedule your turf removal.
  6. Landscape installation. Tree of Life Nursery will complete your NatureScape installation based on the design you agreed to.
  7. Post follow up education. Tree of Life Nursery will provide education on the proper care and maintenance for your new NatureScape.

Click HERE to calculate your rebate!