Standard Specifications for Construction of Potable Water, Recycled Water, and Wastewater Facilities and Development Requirement for Establishing and Modifying Potable Water, Recycled Water, and Wastewater Service.

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If you would like to request copies of drawings of Moulton Niguel Water District facilities that may impact your project, the Engineering team will be happy to assist you. We ask that individuals submit their document requests electronically via the form below. Please be aware that requests will be fulfilled within 2 weeks of submission, depending upon the volume of the request, and existing workload.

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The District requires anyone in need of a “Will-Serve” letter to enter into the permitting process. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for review of requests. “Will-Serve” Letters are not released until all permit requirements have been met.

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Preconstruction Meeting
Prior to connecting any construction project involving District infrastructure or infrastructure that will be dedicated to the District, contractors are required to schedule a preconstruction meeting with the District’s Inspection personnel. Please contact the District’s Inspection Supervisor Matt Crowl at (949) 425-3593 or at

Temporary Construction Water Services
Commercial customers in need of temporary water supply during construction can request it by submitting the form listed below. The District’s Cross Connection Department will contact you for scheduling once the form is received.

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Meters can be purchased Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the District’s office located at 26161 Gordon Rd, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

A Moulton Niguel representative will then arrange a time with you to pick up meters.

Meters will not be sold and cannot be picked up without an approved set of construction drawings. Please bring a copy of the approval letter. If you have questions about the construction plan approval process, please contact the Engineering Department at (949) 831-2500.

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All questions related to recycled water service or retrofit inquiries may be directed to the District’s Principal Engineer Alex Thomas at (949) 425-3563 or at

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The primary objective of the cross-connection control/backflow prevention program is to protect our public potable water system from possible contamination. Protection is accomplished by requiring the installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly.

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A fire flow test provides pressure and flow data at specific fire hydrants within the District’s distribution system. The data is used to assess the pressure and flow available for fire protection, sprinkler system design, mainline design, and proper sizing of domestic and/or fire service lines.

A flow test involves two fire hydrants: Flowing & Residual. The first hydrant is the flow hydrant, which is located closest to the property being tested. The second hydrant is the test (residual) hydrant and is located directly upstream or downstream from the flow hydrant.

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The purpose of these requirements is to help prevent blockages of sewer lines resulting from discharges of fats, oils and grease (“FOG”) to the sewer system, and to specify appropriate “FOG” discharge requirements for Food Service Establishments.

For existing FOG device administration, contact the District’s Principal Engineer Sheldon Yu at (949) 425-3515 or at

For new businesses and will-serve requirements related to FOG, contact the District’s Development Services Specialist Megan Emami at (949) 425-3557 or at

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Fats and oil

The Communication Facilities License Program allows wireless communication companies the placement of their facilities on District property. The program grants licenses, license amendments, and approvals for license improvements.

For more information, contact the District’s Senior Engineer Sheldon Yu at (949) 425-3515 or at, or read the District’s 
Policy and Procedures.