Recycled Water Retrofit Rebates

Recycled Water Retrofit Rebates

The average irrigated acre requires two acre-feet (or 652,000 gallons) of potable water per year.  Switching the irrigation water source to recycled water will provide savings of approximately 25% less than the potable water rate.  Savings will be based upon actual size of the retrofitted area.

Estimated cost:  $2,500 per irrigated acre

Rebate amount:  $1,250 per irrigated acre or 50% of the project cost, whichever is less for work performed past the current potable water meter.  Maximum of $1,250 per acre or $5,000 total.

Commercial customers interested in applying for a recycled water retrofit rebate, the following forms will need to be completed prior to the start of the project:

After the recycled water retrofit project is finalized, commercial customers will need to complete the rebate form below:

Additional Recycled Water Retrofit Incentives

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s (MET) On-site Retrofit Program provides financial incentives directly to public or private property owners to convert potable water irrigation or industrial water systems to recycled water service.  Incentives of up to $195 per acre-foot for five years of estimated water use are available, with a cap at the actual retrofit costs.  Items eligible for incentives include project design; permitting; construction costs associated with the retrofit of potable to recycled water systems; connection fees and required recycled water signage.

The Program is on a first come, first served basis.  Applications will be accepted until funding for this program is exhausted. Applications received after the program’s funding is exhausted will be placed on a waiting list for possible funding only if additional funds become available for the program. The rebate application form must be completed and submitted prior to starting any work on the project.

Your project must be within the MET’s service area and must offset the demand on Metropolitan’s potable water system.  In order to be eligible for this incentive, all permitting must be complete and recycled water must be available at the project site at the time of application.  In addition, you must abide by the terms and conditions listed on the application.  Systems already under construction are NOT eligible 

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