Variance Request

A variance is a change to the billing factors used to calculate your bill. Examples of a variance are changes to the number of people in your household, a change in your business license, or increased medical needs. Find out more below.

What’s a Variance?

Variance Request: A request to change water budget billing factors (e.g. number of permanent residents, landscape area) from the standard amount MNWD has assigned to your home type.

To request a variance, see below.

To read more about Variances:

Variance Adjustment & Allocation Policy
Water Shortage Contingency Plan

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Variances to Allocation:
It is the sole responsibility of the customer to contact the District to request variances of their allocation through the Variance Form. Changes will not be retroactive. An approved Variance will become effective on the next billing cycle. Increased allocations for additional occupants may be reviewed annually. The District reserves the right to request proof of residency in the home.

Examples of reasons to file a Variance:

  • Increased Number of Permanent Residents in a Home
  • Increase in Landscape Area
  • Licensed Child Care or Adult Care Facility
  • Medical Needs
  • Livestock Needs (weighing over 100 pounds each)


Click HERE to Request a Residential Variance
Click HERE to Request a Commercial Variance