Moulton Niguel Water District is celebrating a water conservation milestone: 500 million gallons of water savings from the district’s successful turf replacement program.

VP Brian Probolsky: Rebates to Save Customers Money

“Our rebate program has allowed us to transform our community’s residential landscapes, golf courses, parks, streets, medians and much more from high water use turf to efficient landscapes — helping not only save water for our customers but also to save on their water bills,” said Moulton Niguel Vice President Brian Probolsky.

Since 2011, Moulton Niguel has provided rebates to customers that replace grass with drought-tolerant plants and landscaping. More than 2,500 customers have participated in the program, replacing more than 5 million square feet of turf. That’s roughly the size of a small country.

“We’re here today to celebrate and recognize the hard work of all of our customers removing over 5 million square feet of turf,” said Matt Collings, Assistant General Manager at Moulton Niguel.

MNWD Turf Replacement Program: Water Conservation

  • 228.5 million gallons of annual water savings, equivalent to 346 Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • 5 million square feet of replaced turf, an area larger than Vatican City
  • 2,551 turf removal projects, including homes, businesses and recreational facilities

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