Standards & Specifications

Standard Specifications for the Construction of Domestic Water, Sewer and Recycled Water Facilities
  • Part I: Procedural Guide and Design Requirements
  • Part II: General Conditions
  • Part III: Technical Specifications
  • Part IV: Standard Drawings
PART I: Procedural Guide and Design Requirements

100 Procuring Service from the Moulton Niguel Water District
200 District Charges, Connection Fees, and Other Costs
300 Design and Inspection Procedures
400 Design Criteria Sewer Facilities
500 Design Criteria Domestic Water Facilities
600 Design Criteria Off-Site Recycled Water Facilities
Appendix 1 Application to and Agreement with the Moulton Niguel Water District for Water and Sewer Service
Appendix 2A Bill of Sale – Domestic Water System Facilities
Appendix 2B Bill of Sale – Sewer System Facilities
Appendix 2C Bill of Sale – Recycled Water System Facilities
Appendix 3A Cost of Construction Statement – Domestic Water System
Appendix 3B Cost of Construction Statement – Sewer System
Appendix 3C Cost of Construction Statement – Recycled Water System
Appendix 4 Domestic Water, Sewer, and Recycled Water Bond Worksheet
Updating Document – Appendix 5A Sample Easement
Updating Document –Appendix 5B Sample Easement Certificate of Acceptance
Updating Document – Appendix 5C Sample Subordination of Deed of Trust to Easement Deed
Appendix 6 Wastewater Discharge Questionnaire
Appendix 7 Permit Extension Letter
Appendix 8 Requirements for Installation Prior to Curb and Gutter


PART II: General Conditions

100 Definitions and Abbreviations
200 Scope and Control of Work
     200.1 Responsibility for Furnishing Material and Installation
200.2 Guarantee
200.3 Licenses, Permits, and Fees
200.4 Plans and Specifications
200.4.1 General
200.4.2 Shop
200.5 Work to be Done
200.6 Right of Way
300 Control of Materials
     300.1 Materials and Workmanship
300.2 Protection of Work and Materials
300.3 Inspection Requirements
400 Utilities
     400.1 Location
400.2 Protection
500 Progress, Acceptance of Work, and Prosecution
     500.1 Construction Schedule and Commencement of Work
500.2 Prosecution of Work for Offsite Construction
600 Responsibilities of Contractors in Conduct of Work
     600.1 Supervision
600.2 No Personal Liability
600.3 Responsibility for Damage
600.4 Legal Relations and Responsibility
600.5 Storage of Equipment and Materials and Materials in Public Streets
600.6 Streets Closures, Detours, Barricades
600.7 Public Safety
600.7.1 Safety Orders
600.7.2 Use of Explosives
600.8 CAL OSHA Requirements
600.8.1 Trench Work
600.8.2 Confined Space
600.8.3 Permit-Required Confined Space


PART III: Technical Specifications

01045 Existing Facilities
02200 Structure Earthwork
02223 Trenching, Backfilling and Compacting
02315 Jacked Casing
02701 Installation of Gravity Sewer Pipelines
02710 Vitrified Clay Pipe
02715 PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe
03300 Concrete
03461 Precast Reinforced Concrete Manholes and Manhole Bases
03462 Precast Concrete Vaults
03463 Grease Interceptors
09900 Painting and Coating
13110 Corrosion Protection and Joint Bonding
15041 Chlorination of Domestic Water Mains and Services for Disinfections
15042 Hydrostatic Testing of Pressure Pipelines
15043 Leakage and Infiltration in Testing of Non-Pressure Pipelines
15050 Hot Tap Connections
15056 Ductile-Iron Pipe and Fittings
15057 Copper, Brass and Bronze Pipe, Fittings and Appurtenances
15064 PVC Pressure Distribution Pipe
15072 Asbestos Cement Distribution Pipe (6-inch through 16-inch)
15076 Cement-Mortar Lined and Coated Steel Pipe
15089 Combination Air and Vacuum Release Valve Assembly
15100 Manual Valves
15112 Backflow Preventers
15139 Fire Hydrants
15150 Meters
15151 Domestic & Recycled Water Facilities Identification
15162 Flexible Pipe Couplings and Expansion Joints
15300 Automatic Control Valves

PART IV: Standard Drawings

W-1 Standard 3/4″ & 1″ Water Service
W-2 Standard Water Meter Manifold
W-3 Standard 1-1/2″ & 2″ Water Service
W-4 3″,4″,6″,8″ and 10″ Standard Meter Commercial Continuous Flow Meter
W-5 3″,4″,6″, 8″ and 10″ Irrigation Meters
W-6 Hot Tap
W-7 Standard Fire Hydrant
W-8 Valve Assembly
W-9 Standard Combination Valve Assembly
W-10 Standard Temporary Plug and Blow off Installation
W-11 Pipe Bedding
W-12 Typical Thrust Block
W-13 Steel Casing Pipe
W-14 Design Criteria For Separation of Water and Sewer Mains for New Water Mains
W-15A Above Ground Private Fire Service
W-16 Backflow Preventers (3 and larger)
W-17 Backflow Prevention Device (2 and smaller)
W-18 Concrete Encasement and Slope Anchors
W-19 Guard Post Detail
W-20 – Not Used
W-21 2-Wire Test Station
W-22 At-Grade Test Box
W-23 Buried Insulating Flange
W-24 Buried Insulating Flange At-Grade Test Station
W-25 Above-Grade Insulating Flange
W-26 4-Wire Casing Test Station
W-27 Post Mounted Test Station
W-28 Alumino – Thermic Weld
W-29 Zinc Anode for Services & Air-Vacs
W-30 Mechanical Joint Bond
W-31 CML&C Steel Pipe Joint Bond

S-1 Standard Manhole
S-2 Typical Concrete Base and Joint Details
S-3 Manhole Frame and Cover for 48 Manhole
S-4 Manhole Frame and Cover for 60 and 72 Manhole
S-5 PVC Pipe Bedding
S-6 Typical House Lateral
S-7 Typical Sewer Saddle and Cut-in Wye Connection
S-8 VCP Pipe and Bedding Details
S-9 Concrete Encasements Type A,B & C
S-10 Concrete Slope Anchors
S-11 Steel Casing Pipe
S-12 Design Criteria for Separation of Water and Sewer Mains for New Service Mains

Updating Document – RW-14 Design Criteria for Separation of Water and Sewer Mains for New Recycled Water Mains

IRR-1 Air Gap Model
IRR-2 Appurtenance Layout
IRR-3 Wye Strainer
IRR-4 Basket Strainer
IRR-5 Backflow Prevention Device
IRR-6 Backflow Prevention Layout
IRR-7 Pressure Regulator Installation
IRR-8 Master Control Valve
IRR-9 Flow Sensor
IRR-10 Remote Control Valve
IRR-11 Ball / Gate Valve
IRR-12 Quick Coupling Valve
IRR-13 Design Criteria For Separation opf Onsite Water and Sewer Mains For New Recycled Water Mains
IRR-14 Trenching
IRR-15 Pipes Under Paving
IRR-16 Thrust Blocks For Plastic Pipe
IRR-17 Terrace Drain Crossing
IRR-18 Rotor / Pop-Up Sprinkler Head
IRR-19 Rotor / Sprinkler Head on Grade
IRR-20 Shrub Spray on Riser
IRR-21 Slope Conditions
IRR-22 Pipe Stabilizer On Grade
IRR-23 Controller
IRR-24 Branding Guide
IRR-25 Above Ground / Pipeline Hose Identification
IRR-26 Identification Tags and Labels
IRR-27 Recycled Water Site Identification Sign
IRR-28 Plan Criteria Signature Block Layout
IRR-29 Plan Notes
IRR-30 Drinking Fountain Cover Detail
IRR-31 Recycled Water Retrofit Point of Connection Requirements
IRR-32 Moulton Niguel Water District Standard Notes