Water Resource Center

Optimized | Adaptive | Sustainable | Integrated | Supply

The OASIS Water Resource Center is a visionary initiative for integrated water management, ensuring South Orange County’s sustainable and resilient water future — fostering lasting impacts on water supply, environmental health, and community education.

Oasis Fact Sheet

OASIS Benefits

Local Water Supply

Reduces dependence on imported water sources and promotes water self-sufficiency by developing new local water.

Water Sustainability

By recycling and treating South Orange County’s unused wastewater, OASIS conserves and extends the availability of natural water resources.

Drought Resilience

Produces a drought-proof and reliable source of drinking water, reducing our community’s vulnerability to water shortages during prolonged droughts.


Healthy Watershed

OASIS will improve local creek and beach water quality while also restoring creek habitat by capturing and reusing excess local runoff.

Economic Benefits

Cost-effective locally resilient water supply that supports over $10 billion annually in economic activity. (Estimated from per capita income in our service area.)

Community Connection

The OASIS Education Center will empower the local community to contribute to a healthy watershed by highlighting the project’s water supply and broader watershed benefits.