Future Leaders of Water

Moulton Niguel Water District has developed a new water leadership initiative to educate a diverse generation of future leaders.

Moulton Niguel Water District Presents: Future Leaders of Water (FLOW) Initiative

The FLOW Initiative seeks to inspire a new generation of water champions and spark the development of new programs and opportunities for the community to ensure that responsible water use is not just a practice during years of drought, but a daily way of life.


Moulton Niguel Water District is launching a new water leadership initiative to educate a diverse generation of future leaders. The Future Leaders of Water (FLOW) Initiative will engage community stakeholders, including homeowners, students, and business leaders on water policy, emerging water and environmental issues, and ways for them to be involved in making their communities more water resilient.

In the last few years alone, the water industry has experienced unprecedented challenges ranging from a severe multi-year drought and extreme rains, to evolving laws and regulations. Moulton Niguel recognizes that a greater level of engagement is needed to make an impactful and lasting change on how we deal with our precious water resource in coming years.

People of all ages are fascinated with how water flows, starting from its source to the taps in their homes. However, many residents don’t know much about their water sources or the changing dynamics in the water industry. We want to cultivate their curiosity and encourage active participation in engaging in and shaping water policy in their communities.

We all have the ability and responsibility to make a difference and Moulton Niguel is committed to leading by example and advancing how the water industry conducts its business and plans for the future. We leverage the latest data, tools and technologies, innovate to enhance our service, and work actively with our customers and stakeholders to strengthen collaboration so that we can all be leaders in water.

At Moulton Niguel, we’re not just in the water business, we’re in the people business. Whether it be homeowners, business owners, young students, emerging professionals, community leaders, or our own Moulton Niguel employees, we are committed to generating future water leaders from all walks of life. This is a comprehensive and inclusive approach to bring a diverse group of people, interests, and talents together and create a well-informed, water-wise California.