Moulton Niguel Water District’s water efficiency programs are getting statewide attention.

MNWD Water Efficiency Manager Lindsey Stuvick recently presented the results from the district’s successful NatureScape Program at the 2018 Peer-to-Peer event, hosted by the California Water Efficiency Partnership.

Watch: MNWD at 2018 CA Water Efficiency Partnership Peer-to-Peer Conference

The California Water Efficiency Partnership is an innovative leader, voice and expert on water efficiency in California that fosters collaboration among a wide variety of stakeholders. The annual peer-to-peer event held in San Francisco provides water conservation professionals with the chance to explore the latest in research, technology and programs.

“Unlike many water‐‐related professions such as engineering, there’s no degree in water conservation — it’s a niche area learned on the job,” CalWEP Executive Director Mary Ann Dickinson told Maven’s Notebook. “That makes the training offered at Peer‐to‐Peer critical.”

At the two-day event, Moulton Niguel highlighted its NatureScape Program, which helps customers replace turf with native landscapes.

NatureScape: Native Plants Use Less Water, Lower Bills

Moulton Niguel’s NatureScape program connects customers with a local landscape designer and nursery that will handle all of the hassles that come with replacing lawns with native, climate-appropriate plants.

The goal is to make it even easier for customers to take advantage of the district’s generous rebates for replacing turf with native landscaping, which uses less water and lowers customers’ bills.

“Moulton Niguel has been extremely successful in finding innovative ways to help our customers save water and money,” said Donald Froelich, President of the Moulton Niguel Water District Board of Directors. “This new program is designed for people who’ve wanted to take advantage of our turf replacement program but are overwhelmed by the thought of taking on a major landscaping project.”

Get Involved: Take Advantage of Moulton Niguel’s Money-Saving Program

With the NatureScape program, residential customers can replace any landscaped areas. Your rebate is based on the turf grass that is removed.

Applicants must attend a Residential Landscape Workshop before applying for the program. To better understand your total project costs and rebate, check out Moulton Niguel’s Project Cost Calculator.