Variance and Adjustment Requests

What’s the difference?

Adjustment Request: A request for a one-time adjustment of charges for a bill over allocation due to unintentional water use. More about Adjustments

Variance Request: A request to change water budget billing factors (e.g. number of permanent residents, landscape area) from the standard amount MNWD has assigned to your home type. More about Variances

Variance Adjustment & Allocation Policy
Water Shortage Contingency Plan

One-Time Adjustments:
It is the sole responsibility of the customer to contact the District to request an adjustment of their water bill through the Adjustment Form. Customers must complete the Adjustment Form within 30 days of their high bill. All approvals are contingent on water consumption coming back down within budget within two billing cycles of the leak repair date. Customers must keep accounts in good standing to avoid incurring any additional fees or charges. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact the Billing Department to make any payment arrangements if payment cannot be made in full at the time payment is due. Any approved adjustment will be issued as a credit on a future water bill.

A customer may request an adjustment of one bill for a single issue.

Examples of reasons to file an Adjustment:

  • Repair of a Leak, documented with a receipt
  • New Landscape Establishment – New California Friendly Landscapes (new plants must be installed between November and April)
  • Courtesy Adjustments – New Customer
  • Irrigation Timer Malfunction (once every three (3) years)
  • Pool Fill (allowed only when the Water Shortage Contingency Plan is not in effect)

Request a Residential Adjustment
Request a Commercial Adjustment

Variances to Allocation:
It is the sole responsibility of the customer to contact the District to request variances of their allocation through the Variance Form. Changes will not be retroactive. An approved Variance will become effective on the next billing cycle. Increased allocations for additional occupants may be reviewed annually. The District reserves the right to request proof of residency.

Examples of reasons to file a Variance:

  • Increased Number of Permanent Residents in a Home
  • Increase in Landscape Area
  • Licensed Child Care or Adult Care Facility
  • Medical Needs
  • Livestock (weighing over 100 pounds each)

Request a Residential Variance
Request a Commercial Variance



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