Plant 2A History

Plant 2A in the mid-1980s

Moulton Niguel’s Plant 2A has served as an operations facility for the District for more than 50 years, originally developed as a wastewater treatment plant in 1965. The treatment plant was decommissioned in the early 1970s, and the site then began to be used for various operations activities over the next 32 years.

Since that time, only minimal improvements have been made to the facility despite an increased customer base and growing infrastructure and operational needs associated with providing water, recycled water, and wastewater collection and treatment services to the communities served by the District.

Plant 2A Upgrades

A number of critical functions are performed at Plant 2A on a daily basis. To ensure Moulton Niguel can continue to provide essential services to its customers, the District is looking forward to making several improvements at its Plant 2A site. The existing facilities are undersized for their current uses, and no longer sufficient to meet the changing operational requirements and our growing customer base.

The Plant 2A upgrades consist of the following 11 improvement projects:

  1. Field Maintenance Facility
  2. Emergency Generator
  3. Fleet Services Building
  4. Equipment Storage
  5. Warehouse Improvements
  6. Fueling Station
  7. Site Reconfiguration and Geopiers
  8. Site Utilities
  9. Site Improvements
  10. Landscape & Irrigation
  11. Administration Facility

For more information about the construction projects, please visit our construction projects webpage.

Community Involvement

Community meeting held at Plant 2A

It is the District’s goal to continue fostering a lasting positive relationship with our neighbors, and the District is fully committed to working with the surrounding communities throughout all phases of the projects. The District has held numerous community meetings and continues to keep both the City of Laguna Hills and its neighbors informed of updates on an ongoing basis.

Moulton Niguel has invited all nearby homeowners and homeowner’s associations to discuss design concepts, overall status, tentative schedules, and communication plans for the surrounding communities. Through ongoing communications with the City and nearby residents, several community recommendations were incorporated into the design of the District’s projects at Plant 2A. Additionally, Moulton Niguel is committed to facilitating monthly meetings and frequent communications throughout construction of the various projects.

Construction Hotline & Contact Information

If you have questions about any of the improvement projects occurring at our Plant 2A site, please call our construction information hotline at (949) 448-4075. This number will provide weekly updates on the ongoing construction projects.

If you’re not already signed up to receive emails about community meetings and other project updates, please email us at with a request to be added to our email list.

If you have any additional questions about the Plant 2A construction projects, you may contact Rod Woods, Director of Engineering, at (949) 285-0104 or