As our country and state continue to address the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to reassure our customers and community partners that as part of our ongoing preparation for any emergency, we have taken steps to protect our water service. We would like to highlight two important messages:

  • Our Drinking Water is Safe: Coronavirus has no impact on our drinking water system. Our drinking water is safe and reliable.
  • No Interruptions in Your Water Service: Water and wastewater services will not be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, we want to share the following information with you because it may answer other questions you may have about our water services and emergency planning measures.

Ongoing Water Quality Testing:

Moulton Niguel’s drinking water exceeds all state, federal and Environmental Protection Agency water quality requirements. We conduct approximately 12,000 water quality tests per year that are independently analyzed at state-of-the-art laboratories. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Coronavirus has not been detected in any drinking water systems.

No Reductions in Water Supply:

Nearly all of Moulton Niguel’s drinking water is supplied by the Metropolitan Water District and is imported into our region. There have been no reductions in water supplies as a result of the Coronavirus.

Emergency Water Supply:

Over the last decade, our District has invested significant resources to increase our water storage capacity. In the unlikely event of a major outage, we now have an emergency water supply for our community to last nearly four weeks.

Emergency Response Plan:

Moulton Niguel maintains an emergency response plan, routinely practices emergency protocols, and trains all staff to handle any possible disruptions in service that may arise.

Just as the District has carefully planned for its customers over its entire 60-year history, we are ready and prepared for any emergency. Our drinking water is safe and your water service will not be affected by Coronavirus.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at 949-831-2500 or email us at




Brian S. Probolsky, Board President




Joone Lopez, General Manager