Adjust Your Sprinkler Timer this Season

Did you remember to turn back your clocks one hour for Daylight Savings Time on November 3? What about turning back your sprinkler timer?

As the fall weather brings shorter days and cooler temperatures, we want to remind our customers that our outdoor landscapes don’t need as much water this season as they do in the spring. Turning back your sprinkler timer by just one minute can help save up to 80 gallons of water a week! If you are unsure how to set up or control your sprinkler timer, you can give our Water Efficiency department a call to walk you through these steps. Check out our additional resources to help you manage your outdoor water use.

Visit to see all rebates available from Moulton Niguel Water District.

Moulton Niguel Offers Free Home Savings Surveys

Another great resource that Moulton Niguel offers is a free Home Savings Survey. A representative from Moulton Niguel’s Water Efficiency department is available to visit your home, review your outdoor watering practices, discuss your indoor water use and recommend easy ways to save water and money by becoming more efficient. Home Savings Surveys are free and only take about 30 minutes to complete.

Sign up for a free Home Savings Survey by visiting or calling our Water Efficiency department at (949) 448-4025.

Don’t Send Fats, Oils, or Grease Down the Drain

A little grease down the drain doesn’t hurt, right? Wrong! While fats, oils and grease go down the drain as liquids, they solidify over time and can clog pipes and harm our environment. With the holiday season around the corner, we want you to enjoy your family gatherings in an environmentally responsible way. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
DON’T pour household grease into sinks, garbage disposals or other drains. Consider allowing the grease to cool in a container before throwing it in the trash.
DON’T flush grease, diapers, sanitary napkins, newspapers, soiled rags, and/or paper towels down toilets. Place these items in the trash can instead.
DON’T pour oil or grease into a storm drain. Help us keep our local creeks and beaches clean.
Thank you for doing your part to help us keep our pipelines free from fats, oils, grease, and other items that shouldn’t be placed down the drain!

Professional Landscape Education: Bilingual Training Program

We are excited to continue our partnership with the Bilingual Training Institute to once again provide free irrigation training classes for landscapers in south Orange County.

The irrigation training program is taught in both Spanish and English and covers a variety of water and landscape management topics, including installing and programming irrigation systems and smart controllers, troubleshooting irrigation systems for optimum performance, and understanding the benefits of sustainable landscape management.

Thanks to all the landscapers who participate in our program and for your continued efforts in maintaining water-efficient practices!

Landscape Workshop – Saturday, Nov. 9 from 9am-12pm
Landscape Workshop – Wednesday, Nov. 13 from 6pm-9pm
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