Moulton Niguel Maintains Lowest Average Bill in South Orange County

For over 50 years, Moulton Niguel has been dedicated to cost-effectively providing safe and reliable water, recycled water and wastewater services that protect the water resources and the public health of our community of more than 170,000 people. From ensuring water supply reliability, providing free water efficiency programs and resources, to investing in our infrastructure to maintain high-quality water delivery and wastewater treatment, we remain committed to providing these essential services, while maintaining the lowest average bill in South Orange County.

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Innovation to Save WaterPower and Money

Technology has changed how we shop, travel, watch television and communicate. Yet, for all the sectors embracing technology, government can sometimes lag behind. Government innovation starts with collecting good data — to understand how well we’re doing and where we can improve.
At Moulton Niguel, we prioritize the importance of accurate data, and welcome any new ideas — even if they challenge past decisions — that help us better serve the best interests of our ratepayers and the environment. We’ve adopted a culture that embraces creativity, encourages innovation, and enhances efficiencies.

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  We’re just getting started.

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Landscape Workshop

Wednesday, November 8,
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Engineering & Operations Board of Directors’ Meeting

Monday, November 13,

Finance & Information Technology Board of Directors’ Meeting

Wednesday, November 15,

Board of Directors’ Meeting

Thursday, November 16,

Please note that District offices will be closed on the following days, but for 24/7 emergency water service, please call us at (949) 831-2500

•  Friday, November 10
•  Thursday, November 23
•  Friday, November 24