Moulton Niguel Water District is helping homeowners associations conserve water and potentially reduce their water bills.

In April 2018, Moulton Niguel hosted a free workshop to educate homeowners associations on ways to increase their water efficiency and decrease the amount of urban runoff that enters into local storm drains. Targeted to HOA board members, property managers, and landscapers, the half-day workshop brought together nearly 100 attendees who learned about water-saving techniques, eliminating runoff, and protecting water quality. The workshop was co-hosted by local cities including Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo and Laguna Hills, along with the Moulton Niguel, Santa Margarita and El Toro water districts.

“The workshop provided an excellent opportunity to help large customers like HOAs better manage water use,” said Moulton Niguel Water District Vice President Scott Colton, who attended the workshop. “We want to make sure our customers know about, and take advantage of Moulton Niguel’s rebates and water management tools.”

Moulton Niguel’s service area includes just under 400 homeowners associations with approximately 75% of District customers living in a community with an HOA. HOAs are often responsible for communal areas and community landscaping. Consequently, they are among the district’s largest water consumers. By targeting its water efficiency efforts at HOA property managers and landscapers, Moulton Niguel expects to achieve greater water savings.

H2oMoulton Niguel Water Efficiency Rebates

In addition to greater potential water savings, their larger landscaping areas make HOAs more likely to benefit from conservation improvements or infrastructure upgrades that require an upfront investment. For example, HOAs may benefit from installing soil moisture sensor controllers and weather-based smart timers, which apply the right amount of water to plants year-round.

Since 2011, Moulton Niguel has helped customers reduce outdoor water use by providing rebates that replace grass with drought-tolerant plants and landscaping. Nearly 2,600 customers have participated in the district’s turf replacement program, which has conserved more than 500 million gallons of water.

turf removalEnvironmental Protection: Reducing Urban Runoff

Homeowners associations also play an integral role in proper storm water management by keeping their streets clean of debris, trash, leaves and clippings. Overwatering has the potential to cause urban runoff that sends water with pollution, contaminants, and debris into our local watersheds and beaches. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that as much as 50 percent of water used for irrigation is wasted either through evaporation or overwatering.

Over the last two years, Moulton Niguel has worked with the County of Orange, OC Codelab, and the California Data Collaborative to develop a tool to map urban runoff. That data has helped the district concentrate on areas with the greatest dry-weather storm drain outflows. In spring 2018, the Moulton Niguel Board approved an initiative to work with the County of Orange, neighboring cities, and local civic and environmental groups to exchange data and develop a public application for education and awareness regarding water efficiency, runoff, and its effects on water quality.

This interagency partnership resulted in a historic memorandum of understanding in support of water quality enhancement in the region, and has the potential to save millions of dollars while protecting local creeks and the ocean from poor water quality.

Water Conservation Tips Year-Round

rebate rotating sprnkler

Among the most important conservation steps:

  • Adjust irrigation timers to accommodate seasonal changes
  • Install water-efficient drip irrigation systems
  • Replace turf with native plants and drought-tolerant landscaping
  • Adjust sprinkler nozzles to minimize overspray on streets and sidewalks

Rebates are available for some of the following outdoor water-efficient devices, and more!

  • Smart Sprinkler Timers & Soil Moisture Sensors – Up to $230
  • Rain Barrels – Start at $35
  • Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles – Up to $6 per nozzle

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