Spring Into Water Efficiency With Moulton Niguel!




When it comes to conserving water, small changes can make a big difference. It’s not about using less; it’s
about wasting less. Here are some helpful tips to use water efficiently this spring:




Upgrading to high efficiency sprinkler nozzles helps eliminate overspray and can save 250 gallons per cycle!
*Rebates of up to $6 per nozzle are available, visit mnwd.com/rebates for more details.

Replacing your clothes washer with a water-efficient version can save 20-30 gallons of water per load!
*Rebates of up to $285 are available, visit mnwd.com/rebates for more details.

Spreading a 2-inch layer of mulch around plants prevents weeds and helps plant roots retain moisture, which can save 20-30 gallons of water per day!




Looking for more tips? Visit us at mnwd.com/watersavingtips to find simple ways to use water efficiently.




Moulton Niguel Is Sending Residents A Free Toilet Leak Test!




We are taking action to help you find and stop leaks around your home. To support Fix-a-Leak Week, Moulton Niguel will be making it easier than ever to check your toilets for leaks by mailing you a FREE Leaky Toilet Test throughout the remainder of March! Learn more by visiting mnwd.com/fix-a-leak.




More Resources To Help You Find & Fix Costly Water Leaks




Leaks waste water and cost you money. Just one leaky toilet can cause your bill to increase by more than
$500! Here are some helpful resources to identify common household leaks:




Toilet leaks may be easy to repair but can be challenging to detect. Watch our Potty Talk Video Series to learn how to find and fix toilet leaks.

Watch videos: mnwd.com/fix-a-leak


Reduce your water bill by scheduling a Virtual Home Savings Survey. Our water efficiency experts will conduct a virtual walk-through of your home to help you check for leaks and share ways you can save water.


Our free online Troubleshooting Guide answers frequently asked questions about identifying leaks and other unintended water use, which can result in a high bill and/or property damage.


Mark your calendars for a special Earth Day Virtual Landscape Workshop on Saturday, April 24, 2021! This year’s Earth Day theme is “Restore our Earth”. During this free special landscape workshop we’ll help customers reimagine their outdoor landscapes and go over ways to restore your landscapes from thirsty lawns, into beautiful, sustainable landscapes with regionally native plants.

Our virtual landscape workshops cover the following topics:




  • Taking a watershed approach to landscape design
  • California native plants and their multiple benefits
  • How you can help prevent urban runoff pollution
  • Overview of our one-of-a-kind NatureScape program




We’ll also walk attendees through our NEW Online NatureScape Garden Tour! A virtual journey through some of South Orange County’s most inspiring NatureScape gardens, spotlighting watershed-friendly landscape elements, beautiful California native plants, interactive educational content, and more!

Sign Up for the Earth Day Virtual Landscape Workshop by visiting mnwd.com/landscapeclasses.

Can’t wait for the workshop to explore some of the beautiful and sustainable NatureScape gardens that your neighbors have installed? You don’t have to! Visit mnwd.com/naturescape-garden-tour to experience the online journey today!



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