Spring into Water Efficiency with Moulton Niguel!



Winter is coming to a close, so spring into the new season with renewed water efficiency efforts! Just a few small changes to your water use can help you use water efficiently this season. Remember, it’s not about using less it’s about wasting less.



Here are some suggestions to consider:

Adjusting your sprinkler nozzle to minimize flow and eliminate overspray can save 250 gallons per cycle!

Replacing your clothes washer with a water-efficient version can save 20-30 gallons of water per load!

Spreading a layer of mulch around plants retains moisture, which can save 20-30 gallons of water per day!



Looking for more tips? Visit us at mnwd.com/watersavingtips to find simple ways to use water efficiently.



Additional Tools & Resources to Help You Remain Water-Efficient

Moulton Niguel offers a number of different tools and programs to help our customers continue to use water efficiently all year round. Many of these tools are available online, 24/7, and can be accessed through your mobile device. Our team is also available to walk you through these tools during our regular business hours, so feel free to give us a call or walk in to see us!

Register or log on to our customer portal to manage your water usage data, view past bills, or sign up to receive leak alerts.

Use our bill calculator to see how changes in your water use may affect your bill.

View daily evapotranspiration (ET) estimates for your neighborhood and learn how ET is used to calculate your outdoor water budget.



Get more Moulton Niguel water efficiency tips at: mnwd.com/conservation



Springing into Community Events



Moulton Niguel is gearing up for a lot of great upcoming events this season. From visiting our schools to supporting community events, our Board of Directors and staff always look forward to the opportunity to meet with our customers at various public events. We also host a number of different water education workshops and landscape classes throughout the year.



Be sure to visit our online events calendar to see where we’ll be next! Visit mnwd.com/events for the latest updates.



Special “Earth Day” Themed Landscape Workshop

Mark your calendars for a special “Earth Day” themed Sustainable Landscape Workshop on Wednesday, April 22! Our free landscape workshops help customers re-imagine their outdoor landscapes and transform thirsty lawns into beautiful, California native landscapes.

Our landscape workshops cover the following topics:
Taking a watershed approach to landscape design
Using rainwater as a resource
Selecting beautiful California native plants
Avoiding urban runoff pollution
An overview of the NatureScape program



For more information about this and other workshops offered throughout the year, please visit mnwd.com/workshops.



Mark your calendars for the second annual NatureScape Garden Tour! Join Moulton Niguel on a self-guided journey to South Orange County’s most inspiring NatureScape gardens.

On the tour, attendees will:



Discover new watershed-friendly landscaping elements for home & garden
Enjoy beautiful and fragrant CA native plants
Ask water and landscape experts about ways to save water
Learn about ways to enhance and protect our watershed



This FREE tour is open to everyone! Bring your family, friends and neighbors. Learn more or register at: mnwd.com/naturescape-garden-tour.






Create a paradise for pollinators and bring the beauty of California into your own landscape by
growing California native plants.



California native plants:



Conserve water
Create an eco-friendly environment
Create a habitat for wildlife and pollinators
Provide year-round beauty
Reduce pollution from urban runoff



Learn more about plants native to our region and where they’re available to buy. Visit mnwd.com/calscape-nursery-program.



Top 10 Native Plants for South Orange County:




Landscape Workshop – Wed., Mar. 25 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm



iconStay up-to-date on our community events and public workshops by visiting mnwd.com/events!



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