Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Force Main Replacement Project

Project Schedule & Key Information

Start of Construction: Spring 2024
Estimated Completion: Winter 2026
Location: Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Project Overview

The Regional Force Main Replacement Project will replace nearly two miles of pipelines within Laguna Niguel Regional Park. The existing pipelines carry wastewater from MNWD’s pump station to the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new pipelines will help to ensure continued safe and reliable service.

  • MNWD secured a $10.3 million grant from FEMA to help fund the project.
  • Installation of two new parallel 24-inch diameter wastewater force mains.
  • Force mains transport more than half of all wastewater generated in MNWD’s service area.
  • The project aims to strengthen Orange County’s critical wastewater infrastructure and mitigate the risk of damage during seismic events and severe storms.  

For More Information

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Phase One Construction – Trail Closure Details

  • Start of Construction: May 2024
  • Estimated Completion: December 2024
  • Working Hours: Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm, excluding public holidays
  • Location: Trail along east side of Laguna Niguel Lake
  • Trails Impacted: Refer to the Map Below
Laguna Niguel Regional Park