Kelly Jennings
Director, Moulton Niguel Water District

Kelly Jennings

Kelly Jennings serves as an elected Director of Moulton Niguel Water District.

Director Jennings has spent her professional career serving Moulton Niguel customers. She is committed to working with state, regional, and local partners to provide every Moulton Niguel customer with the highest quality water and the best customer service at the lowest possible rates.

As the District’s representative on the Santiago Aqueduct Commission, Director Jennings ensures customers have reliable access to safe and clean drinking water. She supports balanced budgets with prudent reserves that reinvest customer funds into maintaining state-of-the-art infrastructure. Additionally, Director Jennings is working to expand Moulton Niguel’s community partnerships to promote greater water efficiency in Orange County and enhanced water education programs at local schools.

An experienced water professional, Kelly has a deep understanding and connection with Moulton Niguel staff and customers. Before being elected to serve on the Moulton Niguel Board of Directors, Jennings worked for nearly two decades at the District, where she was involved with all aspects of its operations and customer relations.

Kelly is passionate about public service and loves giving back to her community. A longtime member of the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, Jennings promotes local small business success as a chamber ambassador. She also serves as a Director of Sustain Southern California, which advances sustainability and economic growth through innovation, collaboration and education.

In addition to her public service, Director Jennings works as the Community Life Director for Mission Lutheran Church in Laguna Niguel, where she oversees six global and five regional charities and a busy congregational schedule.

A native Southern Californian, Kelly grew up in Long Beach and Huntington Beach. She now lives in Laguna Niguel with her family including her husband, John Mark Jennings, who serves on the Laguna Niguel City Council.