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toiletDid you know that repairing a leaky toilet can save up to 500 gallons of water a day? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. Common types of leaks found in the home are worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and other leaking pipes. These types of leaks are often easy to fix, and we want to help you understand where these leaks may be coming from.

This year, the EPA will celebrate “Fix a Leak Week” during March 16 – 22, 2020. Throughout the month of March, Moulton Niguel will be sending our customers simple dye strip tests to check your toilet for leaks. Why toilets? One of the most common household leaks is a leaky toilet. If not fixed, just one leaky toilet can cause your bill to increase by more than $500!

Helpful Resources to Identify Common Household Leaks

To check for leaks in your home, you first need to determine whether you’re wasting water and then identify the source of the leak. Here are some tips for finding leaks:



Take a look at your water usage during a colder month, such as January or February. If a family of four exceeds 12,000 gallons per month, there may be serious leaks.

Identify toilet leaks by placing a dye strip or drop of food coloring in the toilet tank. If any color shows up in the bowl after 15 minutes, you have a leak. Moulton Niguel will be sending dye strips to all our customers in March so you can test your toilets for leaks!

Examine faucet gaskets and pipe fittings for any water on the outside of the pipe to check for surface leaks.



If you need assistance on how to perform the dye strip toilet test, have any questions, or would like to request
additional dye strips any time of the year, we’d like to help!



Watch Our Tutorial Videos: mnwd.com/fix-a-leak

Email Us: toiletleak@mnwd.com

Call Our Water Efficiency Department: (949) 448-4025



Save the Date for the 2nd Annual
NatureScape Garden Tour: April 18, 2020



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Mark your calendars for the second annual NatureScape Garden Tour on Saturday, April 18! Join Moulton Niguel Board Members and Staff for a self-guided journey through some of South Orange County’s most inspiring NatureScape gardens. These gardens feature watershed-friendly landscape elements and beautiful California native plants.

The gardens featured on this tour are all a part of Moulton Niguel’s NatureScape Program. NatureScape simplifies turf replacement projects by connecting customers directly with a local nursery to streamline and customize the landscape design and installation process.

Last year, we welcomed more than 500 attendees to the first annual tour, and we’re excited to host this educational tour for our customers again this year.



Learn more about the NatureScape Garden Tour by visiting mnwd.com/naturescape-garden-tour and take a look at the video from our 2018 tour below!



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Join Us for Our Landscape Workshops


If you’re looking for information on sustainable landscapes prior to the garden tour in April, we encourage you to attend our landscape workshops. Offered all year-round, our free workshops help customers re-imagine their outdoor landscapes and transform thirsty lawns into beautiful, California native gardens. Our landscape workshops cover the following topics:

Taking a watershed approach to landscaping
Building healthy soil
Using rainwater as a resource
Managing your irrigation properly



iconLearn more about our landscape workshops and sign up for a class today! Visit mnwd.com/landscapeclasses.



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Landscape Workshop – Wednesday, Feb. 8 from 9am-12pm
Landscape Workshop – Wednesday, Feb. 19 from 6pm-9pm



iconStay up-to-date on our community events and public workshops by visiting mnwd.com/events!



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