Thank You for Using Water Efficiently!

eventAs 2019 comes to a close, we want to take a moment and thank all of our customers for using water efficiently. Whether you have taken advantage of a Moulton Niguel rebate or have continued to live within your monthly water budgets, we appreciate your efforts!

We are honored to provide you and your family with safe, reliable water service at the lowest rates in South Orange County. At Moulton Niguel, we strive to keep customers informed of the latest statewide, regional, and local water updates, as well as educating customers about our water efficiency programs and resources.

Our Board of Directors remains committed to providing as many customer service programs and resources as possible. From workshops and community events to interactive tools and water-saving rebates, we are excited to offer our customers opportunities to continue using water efficiently this upcoming year.

We value our customers and their water needs, and we continuously encourage feedback and open dialogue to ensure the best, most efficient water service possible. We want our customers to reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns so we can create the best water service experience possible.


iconConnect with Us at a Community Event

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iconParticipate in a Water Efficiency Workshop

iconAccess our Speakers Bureau Program

iconJoin our Citizens’ Advisory Committee

iconWe’d love to hear from you! Please give us a call at (949) 831-2500 if you have any questions or ideas about future customer programs.

H2O for HOAs: Helping Homeowners Associations
Save Water and Money

eventThank you to everyone who attended our third annual “H2O for HOAs” event on October 29, 2019! Sixteen cities and water districts throughout Orange County partnered with Moulton Niguel to host an educational workshop for our HOA board members, property managers, professional landscapers and community members interested in learning more about water management programs for HOAs. More than 150 attendees learned about water management techniques that protect our watersheds, water efficiency tools and rebates, native plants and landscape design, efficient irrigation techniques, and how to make our HOA community more sustainable.

In our service area alone, nearly 75% of our residents live in one of almost 400 HOAs. We are grateful for the partnerships that we have with our HOAs and our surrounding communities and look forward to working on many more water-saving programs in the future!

iconLearn more about our annual H2O for HOAs event, and our efforts to help Homeowners Associations by visiting mnwd.com/H2O-for-HOAs.

Moulton Niguel Receives Highest Credit Rating from World’s Top Rating Agencies

AAA ratingCredit ratings agencies, Fitch Ratings and S&P Global Ratings, have each reaffirmed Moulton Niguel’s AAA-credit rating, the highest possible credit rating, as part of an updated review of the District’s finances.

In its independent financial analysis released on October 21, Fitch Ratings concluded that Moulton Niguel continues to meet its AAA-rating standards by offering customers “affordable rates” while maintaining a “stable, healthy financial profile.” S&P Global Ratings also affirmed its AAA-rating based on Moulton Niguel’s “competitive customer rates” and “strong financial management practices and policies.”

We’re proud to obtain the highest possible credit rating which allows us to keep our rates low, invest ratepayer funds into the infrastructure that delivers reliable drinking water to our customers’ homes and businesses, and collects and treats wastewater in an environmentally responsible manner.

iconLearn more about the District’s finances by visiting mnwd.com/finance.


Landscape Workshop – Saturday, Dec. 7 from 9am-12pm
Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting – Wednesday, Dec. 11 from 9am-10am
Landscape Workshop – Wednesday, Dec. 11 from 6pm-9pm
City of Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade – Saturday, Dec. 14 from 10am-12pm

iconStay up-to-date on our community events and public workshops by visiting mnwd.com/events!

Customers who are seeking in-person customer service assistance should visit us at 26880 Aliso Viejo Parkway, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.

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