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Variance and Adjustment Requests

What’s the difference? Adjustment Request: A request for a one-time adjustment of charges for a bill over allocation due to unintentional water use. More about Adjustments Variance Request: A request to change water budget billing factors (e.g. number of permanent residents, landscape area) from the standard amount MNWD has assigned to your home type. More about Variances […]

Live Smart Community Event

In today’s world where we constantly strive to “live smart” with devices and apps – and certainly with the way we use water – it is an immense benefit to our community to share all the different ways to save water, energy and money! In partnership with the City of Laguna Niguel, this year’s fun, family-friendly event will provide our communities, local utilities and businesses an opportunity to share ideas and resources for living smarter through water conservation practices, emergency preparedness resources, energy-saving devices, and more!

Variance and Adjustment Request

If your personalized water budget doesn’t provide enough water to meet your needs or you need a one-time bill adjustment, you have the option to complete a Residential Variance Adjustment Form. Click here to learn more about the variance and adjustment process.