Moulton Niguel Launches New Water Leadership Initiative 



Moulton Niguel Water District is launching a new water leadership initiative to educate a diverse generation of future leaders. The Future Leaders of Water (FLOW) Initiative will engage community stakeholders, including homeowners, students, and business leaders on water policy and environmental protection issues in California.

The FLOW Initiative seeks to inspire a new generation of water champions and spark the development of new programs and opportunities for the community to ensure that responsible water use is not just a practice during years of drought, but a daily way of life.

Whether it be local young students or emerging professionals and community leaders, Moulton Niguel is committed to generating future water leaders from all walks of life. California’s water challenges are immense, and our FLOW Initiative will enable our region to develop a stronger and smarter water community.



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Learn About Our Customer Resources & Community Programs

In addition to new programs that we aim to develop, Moulton Niguel is proud to offer a number of different community programs and resources currently available to our customers.

Access our Speakers Bureau Program
Attend a Board Meeting or Community Event
Request a Home Savings Survey
Review our Emergency Preparedness Tips
View our Water Quality Reports



Moulton Niguel Meets Highest Principles of Government Budgeting



The Government Finance Officers Association has awarded Moulton Niguel with its Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its current Fiscal Year 18-19 budget! This award honors government agencies that adhere to the highest principles of government budgeting and meet nationally-recognized guidelines for public transparency of budget materials.

We are committed to sound financial planning that allows us to reinvest millions of dollars into capital projects that will ensure ongoing access to high-quality services for our customers. We’re proud to meet the high standards of the Government Finance Officers Association and will continue to adopt balanced budgets that reinvest ratepayer funds into our infrastructure.



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Did You Check Your Toilet for Leaks? We Want to Hear From You!

Did you participate in our Fix-a-Leak Week campaign last month? During the month of March, we published a “Potty Talk” video series to help our customers learn about toilet leaks, and how to detect and fix them. The four-part video series provides instruction on 1) toilet terminology, 2) common issues with toilets, 3) how to diagnose toilet issues, and 4) how to repair a leaky flapper and a fill valve. Throughout the month, we also distributed our “Leaky Toilet Test” that contained two blue dye strips for customers to perform a simple toilet test to see if you have a leaky toilet.

Why toilets? Leaky toilets are one of the worst water wasters. Just one leaky toilet can waste 6,000 gallons of water per month and cause your bill to increase by more than $500! We want to help our customers fix small leaks before they turn into big problems. Learn more about toilet leaks and how to detect them by visiting



iconIf you participated in the “Leaky Toilet Test” we want to know your results! Email to tell us if your toilet passed the test. If you’d like to request additional dye strips, please call (949) 831-2500.



Take The Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation Pledge

Moulton Niguel is partnering with the Wyland National Foundation to make sure water efficiency is not just a practice during the years of drought, but part of our everyday lifestyle.

During the month of April, take the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation Pledge. It only takes one minute to make a BIG difference, and the city with the most participation will win a water-efficient demonstration garden!



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Landscape Workshop – Wednesday, April 17th from 6pm-9pm
Landscape Workshop – Saturday, April 27th from 9am-12pm



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