District removes 5 million square feet of turf through rebate program; equivalent to replacing grass in all 31 NFL stadiums, three times

Not only are Moulton Niguel’s customers saving water, they’re also saving money.

“It’s a great program that helps the environment, adds beauty and value to my home, and reduces my water bill every month,” said Moulton Niguel customer Doug Freck, who participated in the program.

Moulton Niguel’s turf replacement program, which received support from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Municipal Water District of Orange County, is one of the most successful programs in the state and has accounted for 25 percent of all turf removed in Orange County.

“Six years ago we followed the easy steps of the Moulton Niguel Turf Removal Program and received a rebate to help fund our new water-wise landscape design,” said Moulton Niguel customer Jo Anne Simon, an early adopter of the turf removal program. “It was a win-win experience.”

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