Learn how to transform your landscape!

Specialty Workshop:
Fix-A-Leak Workshop

Join the nation in celebrating Fix-a-Leak week by attending Moulton Niguel’s Hands-On Fix-A-Leak Workshop.
Moulton Niguel water efficiency experts will be
going over the following topics:

  • Your indoor and outdoor water systems and how they work
  • Identifying common household and irrigation leaks
  • How to isolate a leak and fix common toilet leaks

Specialty Workshop:
Read My Bill and Access
MyWater MNWD Customer Portal

Moulton Niguel experts will go over the following information during the workshop:

  • Understanding Your Water Bill
  • How To Sign Up and Navigate the MyWater MNWD Customer Portal
  • How To Enroll In Online Billing
  • How To Sign Up for Leak Alert Notifications and more

Sustainable Landscape Workshop

  • Become pre-qualified for NatureScape
  • Take a watershed approach to landscaping
  • Build healthy soil
  • Use rainwater as a resource
  • Manage your irrigation properly

All Things Irrigation Workshop

  • Learn about efficient outdoor water use
  • How to calculate your budget
  • Diagnose common irrigation problems
  • Fix and retrofit your irrigation system
  • Take control of your sprinkler timer